How to exchange USDT for DEC?

How do I trade the USDT I have in my Tomo Wallet on the Ethereum network for DEC?

Any guidance would be immensely appreciated!

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Hi Chad,

Let me try to understand your question. So what you have now is TRC-21 USDT (wrapped USDT on TomoChain network), and what you want to get is ERC-20 DEC (on Ethereum network).

There are 2 possible exchanges that you can do that: TomoDEX and LuaSwap. But LuaSwap probably doesn’t have the pool for DEC, so TomoDEX may be the only option.

so you can trade your wrapped USDT to wrapped DEC on TomoDEX, and the unwrap your DEC via TomoBridge.

Or if you have the USDT on Ethereum network, you’ll have to wrap it via TomoBridge first before trading on TomoDEX.

Hope it helps.


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Hey Justin thanks for responding!

I’m sorry, I should have mentioned this in my post. The USDT I have in my Tomochain wallet is already on the Ethereum network. Will that change the steps I need to take?

How do I wrap it on TomoBridge?

When I try to in the app it gives me the error below:

Make sure you choose tomochain network, current chain id: 1 , should be 88

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Hi Chad,

Sorry about the late response as we just got back from a week long holiday.

Yes then you’ll need to wrap it first before you can trade it for DEC on TomoDEX, the DEC token you get on TomoDEX will also be on TomoChain network which means you’ll need to unwrap it to the native DEC on Ethereum using TomoBridge again.

To either wrap or unwrap, you are supposed to be on your TomoChain network. But it’s still ok if you are not, you will see a warning but you should still be able to proceed to wrapping your tokens regardless.

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