USDT TRC21 (I’m not sure if it’s a good department)


1# I want to start a business on tomochain. The currency will be USDT, but USDT is difficult to buy. Do you plan to make it easier to buy USDT TRC21?

2# Is Tomochain a centralized blockchain? Can it be turned off at any time by the developers?

Thank for advance

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  1. LuaSwap is easy way to buy TRC21 USDT.
  2. It is decentralized proof of stake network working with 150 masternodes:
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Just to add on to @kriptokar 's answer

The liquidity on LuaSwap is not bad so you can easily buy quite some USDT from there. Or if you look to get a ton of USDT, you can simply buy ERC20 USDT first and then convert it to TRC21 via TomoBridge.

and there is no such thing called centralized blockchain. TomooChain is powered by proof of staking voting consensus, and secured by 150 masternodes as mentioned by kriptokar.

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Ok, thanks for the answer.
Do you plan to introduce an easier way to buy USDT in the future? I mean being able to buy USDT for FIAT on Binance or another exchange and send them to wallet on the TOMO network? @JustinYan

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As I know; FTX is working for Trc21 deposit/withdraws. But it has time and no eta.


you can already do that. Buy USDT on Binance, and then send to your wallet on TomoChain network by using TomoBridge.

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Hi guys
I have a problem regarding my wrong deposit on binance.
I am wondering if you can advise if any solution is available.
I Transferred Wrapped USD ( TRC 21) on tomochain network into my Binance Tomo wallet. unfortunately it doesn’t support by binance.
I Asked them to recover it to me if possible. they replied;

Dear user, we want to apologize for the amount of time it had taken for me to get back to you.

Upon confirming, we regret to inform you the TRC21 USDT tokens cannot be retrieved from our end due to the reason that they were credited to your ERC20 address via TOMO network which is not supported currently, if the tokens can be recovered in the future, we will post on our announcement page.

It is advised you contact the token projector for further assistance.

Hi Keo,

Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry to hear that you made a mistake. However, I’m afraid we can’t offer any help here as the transaction has been made. Binance is the only one that has access to your funds, and if they don’t want to help, no one else could.

Please be extra careful next time and good luck.


Hi Justin,

I know this a relatively old topic. but I didn’t want to create a new post. unfortunately, I have sent some USDT TRC21 to this wallet 0xd8592b4B9A252E8D61B09d052631073Ef7f5BC9e that I thought it’s on the ERC20 which it’s not! however, I believe it’s still in the Tomochain network. could you please help me to recover it?


Hi Raaad,

do you have the private key to that address? If you do, you can simply import that wallet on TomoWallet: TomoWallet - The Secure Wallet for TomoChain

Or you can simply add TomoChain network to the existing wallets that you are using like Metamask or TrustWallet.

Hope it helps. Let me know if you need any further assistance.


Hi Justin,

Thank you for the prompt reply. Sorry for the confusion. I don’t have that issue. I do have access to my metamask wallet. there were ~705 USDT in there (TRC21) that I wanted to transfer to my Kucoin account. (ERC-20) I provided the wallet address which was this: 0xd8592b4B9A252E8D61B09d052631073Ef7f5BC9e
after the process, the money had not sent to the wallet. and I’m pretty sure even the Kucoin team doesn’t have access to it. because it’s still in the TomoChain network.

with that said, I don’t have the private key of the destination wallet.

Transaction Info (


Hi Justin,

Could you please help me where I can follow up on this?


Hi Raaad,

So what happened was you sent some TRC21 USDT to your Kucoin deposit address thinking it was ERC20 USDT. I’m afraid that you will have contact Kucoin for this support as they are the only one that can access your funds.

It’s true that the token is held on the TomoChain network, but it doesn’t mean that we have the access to it. Simply like the Ethereum team does NOT have the access to all the tokens and addresses on the Ethereum network. Kucoin is the owner of the address, so only they have the key to the address. You just need to tell them to you sent token from the wrong network. Some exchanges would help you get it recovered for a fee, but some don’t. You have to contact Kucoin team to find out.

Good luck.


dear Justin, please help me! I sent from my tomo wallet some USDT/TRC21 to my USDT/tether account in today, on tomochain transactions shows that it was transferred but I didn’t not received it on :thinking::disappointed: where is the problem and how it can be solved?!

You shouldn’t send trc21 based usdt to there. Ask help from

thanks, I wrote them and they are working on it for 2 days without any results :disappointed:

Just like kriptokar said, I’m afraid that we can’t be of any help here because you’ve sent the token into an account owned by a third party. we do not have the access to that address. so is the only place you can possibly get help from.