Wrap/unwrap not yet available for USDC

Hi, would the Tomo team kindly look into wrap/unwrap added to USDC on Ethereum network within wallet app?

See screenshot attached next to “Send” we would expect to see the Wrap/unwrap” button which we don’t yet.



Could you please help me check if you have updated your TomoWallet to the latest version? because there is a wrap button on my side (I’m also on Ethereum network on TomoWallet)

But actually to wrap your token, you still need to switch to your TomoChain network to get the deposit address, and you just send directly to that address.


Hi Justin, yes I updated the wallet app to 0.67 and still have the issue. Please see screenshot of other coins below as example.

What would you advise as next steps?


Other coin with wrap/unwrap

I just forwarded it to our team and it seems to be an IOS issue.

We may have it fixed in the next update.

thank you

Vm appreciated. There’s a few other coins where wrap/unwrap is missing as well. Let me know if you’d like additional screenshots or info.