Trading fees on tomo DEX


I couldn’t find information in Tomo DEX documentation where the trading/lending fees goes to. Are they going only to DEX Relayers, does some of it goes to the Masternodes?


All the trading/lending fees would be paid to DEX Relayers at the rate set by each relayer, in the trading token.
In the backend, at the same time, the relayer would pay a network fee to masternodes in TOMO whenever an order is matched or cancelled (all the relayers would have to deposit an amount of TOMO before launch in order to pay the network fee)

This mechanism allows users to trade without holding the native TOMO, which is simply a better user experience.

Hope this clarifies your concern. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Hi Justin Yan,

Thank you for the prompt answer. I wanted to know if there is any mechanism to reward the long term tomo holders from TomoX operations and it look there is.


TomoX is basically a platform that’s mostly designed to enable everyone to launch a DEX with minimal experience and time required.
I’m not sure if we have any “mechanism to reward long term TOMO holders”. But I’ll try to explain what you can do with TomoX and on TomoX relayers.

If users want to hold TOMO for long term and still want to trade without selling their TOMO, they can borrow USDT with their TOMO on any TomoX relayer (like TomoDEX). So they can use the borrowed USDT to trade while retaining the capital gains potential on holding TOMO.
Or you can start running your own DEX by depositing an amount of TOMO, and you can make profits from the transaction fees from all the trading/lending/borrowing orders.

Hope it helps.

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