Transferring Tomo issues coins to Tomo team

Hi, would the Tomo team kindly consider allowing users to transfer core ERC-20 wrapped coins to the Tomo masternode foundation for ownership?

As ex. We can see USDC listed via Tomobridge managed by a user, if the Tomo team is open to owning this kind of core coin I would recommend some type of payment to the user for ~46 Tomo spent to list.

Then Tomo team would own the coin and not an individual user.



Thanks for the feedback. Well, we enable users to issue wrapped ERC-20 tokens because we want to make TomoChain an open and decentralized space for everyone to participate in as it’s supposed to be, instead of ourselves controlling everything. This is meant to make it easier for other projects and developers to build on TomoChain, and make use of our fast and gasless network.

So that’s the reason why we allow users to issue their own wrapped ERC-20 tokens.

And in a decentralized world, there is no such thing as claiming back the ownership.

Besides, being an issuer or owner of a wrapped token doesn’t mean he or she can decide how the token is used. But instead, the issuer is usually just someone that wants to contribute to the development of the project. So as of now, I think there is no point for us to do that either.

Anyways, thanks for the feedback. If you have any comments, let us know & we are always open for discussion.


Makes sense Justin. Kindly let me know how we can get USDC listed via tomox. I submitted the 1k Tomo and have spoken with a dex operator who is interested.

If USDC/USDT could be the initial pairing that would be great.

Open to your thoughts/feedback.


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