wrong network address

I transferred 55 units of ZPAY from ZoidPay wallet to my wallet in Trust Wallet.
But the ZPAY network was TRC21 and I transferred it to the ERC20 network.
You can see the details of the transaction in the link below.
The ZPAY amount was not transferred to my wallet in Trust Wallet and from inside my wallet in ZoidPay it has reached 0.
What should I do to return?

[Token TRC21 Holder Info](https://transaction link)

My ZPAY wallet address in ZoidPay:

Network: TRC21

My ZPAY wallet address in Trust Wallet:

Network: ERC20


TRC-21 addresses share the same structure as ERC-20 ones, which means that you can simply extract the private key out of your erc-20 address and export it to your TRC-21 wallet like ZoidPay wallet, and you will find your fund sitting there. You can simply transfer it back to your original address if you want.

Hope it helps and let me know if you are still unclear with anything.


Kindly repeat it briefly i have the same issue. thanks

i tried this but still not working…
my zoidpay balance is still zero.
what to do to bring my zoidpay back.
pls. help.thanks


could you please send me your wallet address? Will take a look for you.