Wrapped coin indicator on tomodex

Would the Tomo team kindly consider an indicator on tomodex for wrapped coins?

At present there isn’t a way to filter or search for wrapped coins on Tomo dex.



Thanks for the suggestion. Could you please elaborate on that with some practical uses? As of now, most of the listed tokens on TomoDEX are wrapped tokens, except for TOMO and TIIM. I don’t know if it’s necessary to create a separate list just for the wrapped tokens.

Hi Justin, thanks for following up.

Thinking two things: 1. Some type of master list on Tomo website (I raised a separate discussion point on this) that has everyone coin on Tomo ecosystem and if wrapped or not. 2. Within tomodex, Lua, etc., an indicator or something visual next to the trading pairs to note when a coin is or isn’t wrapped.

Based on the current set up, as a user I wouldn’t know what’s wrapped and what isn’t which can add some confusion.



Oops sorry somehow I missed your message here.

So it’s just like my comment on the other thread that you posted. Most users are more familiar with centralized exchanges, and that’s the experience what we want to bring them. They don’t have to know which tokens are wrapped. Instead, I think separating wrapped and native tokens would make it more confusing for most users.

For TomoDEX Dapp users, they would know which tokens are wrapped because they are clearly labelled on TomoWallet.
For TomoDEX web users, when they are about to send their token to another address, they would see there are withdrawal and deposit features available for the wrapped tokens. That should be enough for people to know what to do.

Hope that makes sense. Again, we are always open for different opinion and we do value your opinion.


Tks for the feedback here, my apologies with the now overlapping conversations.

I responded on the other thread as well

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