Wallet app tomodex coins not in Funds

Hi, would the Tomo team kindly look into the wallet app tomodex where coins are not showing up on the funds tab?

I have some Ethereum based usdt coins in the wallet app and they don’t show up in tomodex funds tab, screenshot below



TomoDEX only supports TRC-21 tokens that are issued on TomoChain network. To trade your USDT on TomoDEX, you will have to first wrap it through TomoBridge.

Let us know if you have any other question.


That is good to know, ty. Two follow up questions if ok

  1. Would Tomo team kindly consider lowering Tomobridge fee to fraction. At 4 Tomo per bridge it’s quite expensive.

  2. Would Tomo team kindly consider making it easier to identify a Tomo wrapped coin on tomodex? As ex. USDT Ethereum based on tomodex maybe tUSDT or twUSDT. Not sure but just an idea.


  1. Because the gas fees are very high on Ethereum, it’d be very hard for us to lower the withdrawal fees. Usually 4 TOMO is about just enough to cover the gas fee on Ethereum. We may consider lowering the fees in the future for some particular tokens. But we don’t have anything planned yet.

  2. We actually have thought of naming the wrapped tokens like that. But in the end we decided to keep the original token names because we want the wrapping experience to be more seamless for our users. For most users, they are not familiar with DEXs & different token standards. So it could be confusing to quite some people by naming the tokens that way. But instead, they just need to know they should deposit/withdraw via TomoBridge and they can trade on TomoDEX. The whole experience is more similar to centralized exchanges with which most users are more familiar. Because after all, our goal is to mask the frictions existing in the current blockchain world :slight_smile:

Makes sense. My worry would be people try to deposit erc-20 directly to tomodex without knowing it needs to be wrapped.

Maybe if I could suggest on the tomodex funds page a column that says Tomo and Ethereum and then the wrap /unwrap button next to it.

That way coin name is seamless, and if people try to deposit erc-20 it shows up as balance in the Ethereum column. See picture as example

The deposit function here means to wrap actually. So if they send tokens to the deposit address, that means their tokens will be wrapped and become usable on TomoDEX.
So the whole “directly deposit erc-20 to TomoDEX without knowing it needs to be wrapped” would not be a thing to worry about. :slight_smile:

Appreciate the feedback here Justin. If I could make one broad request— that tomodex and wallet app are more in sync so that any funds in wallet app (on either Tomochain network or Ethereum network) are visible within tomodex , and any funds in tomodex are visible in wallet app (on either Tomochain network or Ethereum network) and functionality to wrap/unwrap is also available in tomodex.

As a user, this usability would be greatly appreciated to have a single interface that consolidates info and transactions across the Tomo ecosystem. Understood with different protocols it can make the engineering a bit complex, but thought I would ask it anyways.