Transferred Tomo from Binance to MyEtherWallet Address

Hi, I’m very computer illiterate and struggling learning all this technology - although am trying my best as I know it is the future! I have just transferred my Tomo tokens from Binance to MyEtherWallet address and am now worried that I have lost them. Any clever people out there who can confirm or otherwise? Thanks in advance. Tomoson…

Use your MyEtherWallet on TomoChain network. Your TOMO will be there.

New RPC URL: (
ChainID: 0x58
Symbol: TOMO
Nickname: TomoChain Mainnet

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Thanks kriptokar for your reply, and I am sure to those more learned, it seems obvious… however, still not quiet sure what you mean… how do I get on the tomochain network? I did click on on the URL above, but just get a blank screen… not sure why this is… any more help for a slow learner most appreciated.

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Hi Tomoson,

I guess you’re a newbie, don’t worry, I will help you step by step.

On MEW, click “Access my wallet" → Software → Choose what way you prefer (private key, keystore file or mnemonic phrase) → Change the network to TomoChain (inside the red rectangle) as the picture below.

If the above guidance does not work, contact me via telegram chat to get support. My Telegram handle is MiKeysel32.



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Yes, I am definitely all new to this, and struggle immensely trying to get my head around all the technical jargon. I have looked up MyEtherWallet, but can’t find a TOMOChain Network. Besides the ETH network, there is just a Goerli, Kov, Rin and Rop (all of which I have never heard of. Also, I have no idea what Telegram is! Thanks for all your support… I do appreciate it.

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