TomoBridge Funds Recovery Support and Terms

For any transactions mistakenly sent to the addresses managed by TomoBridge, we may attempt to recover the funds. But doing so is not guaranteed and might take up to 7 business days.

We will also charge a minimum fee of $200 USDT, or 5% of the total lost funds, whichever is higher.

This support is available for those who have suffered losses in but not limited to the following situations:

1. The transaction is sent from a wrong blockchain network

  • Example 1: Jack tried to send a TRC-21 token to Anita’s TomoChain address, but instead, he sent the TRC21 token to Anita’s ERC-20 token deposit address.
  • Example 2: Mike tried to wrap his native BNB token from the Binance Smart Chain, but he sent his native BNB token to the ERC-20 token deposit address.

2. The wrapped token is not yet available on the TomoChain blockchain

  • Example: Tom tried to wrap his $WOW token from Ethereum to TomoChain and sent it to the ERC-20 token deposit address, but the wrapped $WOW token had not been issued on the TomoChain blockchain.

The recovered funds will only be sent to the original sender’s address. If the sender’s address is a smart contract or an exchange’s address, then the refund will NOT be granted.


A fee of $200 USDT or 5% of the lost funds, whichever is higher would be charged. The fee will be calculated based on the latest token price when the refund is made, and deducted directly from the funds by our team.

Example: James mistakenly sent 2 TRC-21 ETH token to the token deposit address. 1 ETH = 1500 USDT when we are about to send the refund.

  • 5% of 2 ETH = 0.1 ETH
  • 200 USDT = 200/1500 ETH = 0.133 ETH

The higher fee would be applied. Our team would directly take 0.133 ETH from James’s funds as the fee. James would receive 2–0.133=1.667 ( TRC21 ) ETH back in the original address.

Please be advised that everyone should take care of their own financial assets in DeFi.

TomoChain is NOT responsible for any losses due to whatever reason.


Simply open a support ticket and fill out the form. All funds recovery requests must be submitted using the form. We will not respond to requests for this over any other channels.

Our admin will get back to you within 2 business days after receiving the submission of your ticket. After that, it may take up to another 5 business days to process the recovery.


  • TomoChain reserves the right of final decision in case of disputed cases.
  • TomoChain reserves the right to cancel or amend the Funds Recovery Program at its sole discretion
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