Tomo token swap help 2020


I have some Tomo tokens but Iam not able to swap them. Is it possible to get some working help how to swap the tokens into Tomo?

Thank you


Sorry, could you please clarify your question a bit more so we can better help?

Are you trying to swap another token into TOMO or you are trying to swap TOMO into something else?


Hi Justin,

thank you for your reply.

I have Tomo ERC20 tokens and I need to change them into Tomochan coins

Please let me know


Hi Krystof,

So you are trying to convert ERC-20 TOMO, which is TOMOE, into the native TOMO on TomoChain network. Is that right?

Basically all you need to do is to go to TomoBridge, and select the token you want to swap. Here you’ll just need to select “TOMO <=> TOMOE - ERC20” and complete the transaction following the instructions.

Hope it helps. Let me know if anything is not clear.


Hi Justin,

I’ve just seen this after I posted a similar query, which I believe will be useful.

So, I have now linked Metamask with Tomobridge as you mentioned, to do the swap from TOMOE to TOMO (chain), and when it asks for the address to be sent, which address should this be? MY NANO? MEW or MEWCX or somewhere else?

Just so I don’t make a mistake as I’m confused and saw that Ledgerlive cannot be used for TOMO.


Hi Barge,

You can send it to any wallet that supports native TOMO, or any ERC-20 address that you have the private key for (TomoChain is a different blockchain network but we are EVM compatible & using the same address structure as Ethereum)

Here I’d suggest you to use your metamask address (but you’ll need to follow this guide to add TomoChain network to your metamask), or MEW address.

List of available wallets

Hope it helps :slight_smile: