Tomo sent to Erc address

So I accidentally sent TOMO native to ERC-20 address

Any chance it can be reversed?


May I ask where your TOMO was sent to? Could you be specify about your issue?

Thank you.



Thanks for getting in touch. I just stuffed up and accidentally sent TOMO to a USDT address. Copied the wrong address into the app and wasn’t concentrating when I sent tomo instead of using the bridge.

Not sure what can be done. Details below

This was the USDT address

Transaction hash


If you have the private key to that address, you can simply import the wallet address into the TomoChain network by using the same private key, on TomoWallet or any other wallet that supports TOMO.

Otherwise, consider it lost.

I’ve restored the wallet using the recovery phrase into tomo wallet but all the accounts show 0.

Tried to swap between eth and tomo networks. It’s all zero.

Any other ideas?

I guess you’re not in your wallet address. I suggest you should use private key to log in because with recovery phase, you have to select your wallet among a bunch of wallets sharing the same mnemonic phase.

Make sure you’re in 0x6D5e45da72CeF6aD10ec974e56B6006C6f864140 address.