Tomo on Myetherwallet Issue

I have Tomocoin on MEW and i was trying to transfer to binance but some error comes up. I even tried changing to TOMO network on MEW and it shows 0 balance while i do that.

I have my private key and able to see my coins on MEW but not able to transfer it anywhere. Can someone help me please?

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I tried this method as well found at - but still i see 0 TOMO , while if i change network to ETH - i see my Tomo Coins there… Confused.

Please Assist.

Hello there, please send me your address I will take a look.
Or you can try Metamask instead of MEW.

Same problem with me here, I have some Tomocoins on MEW (eth network) and when i switch to Tomo Network, it appears 0 tomo.
Did I lost my tomocoins ?

How do i share with you? I dont want to post my address in public.

Hi Vodkal,

If you are sure that you have TOMO in your wallet then it should still be there. Could you DM us your wallet address so we can look into your case?


Hi Abdul,

To send a DM, You can simply click on my avatar and you can see a message option. You can either send your address to me or Alex.


Hi there,
I have the same problem, some Tomocoin stuck in my MEW. I can’t see the option to send you a private message. Can you please help?

Hi there, please check this guide out to access to your TOMO native balance.
TOMO is no longer ERC20.

Hi, we have received your support request and our admin has contacted you on Telegram.

Hi Justin - thank you so much for being so helpful here!

I seem to have the issue with others here, because the balance on my Ledger S is different from MEW balance.

Can I DM you my address as well, hope you can help please?

Hi. sure no problem. Please DM me your address and I’ll take a look into it for you :slight_smile:

Hi Justin,

I have tomo on erc20 MEW wallet. How do i go about swapping them to native tomo coins.?


If it’s the old version of TOMO you bought from 2 years ago, the balance has already been frozen and you should’ve received an equivalent amount of TRC-21 TOMO on TomoChain network 2 years ago when we launched into our mainnet.

If it’s the TOMOE token, then follow this guide to swap it to native TOMO.

Hope it helps.

Hi Justin,

I have tomo on my etherwallet, I tried sending them to binance but get an error. I’ve tried swapping but that only works on metamask and I can’t get my tomo from myetherwallet to metamask! Please help!

They have to be a few years old too by the way - do I need to use a different wallet instead of myether?

If you hold your private key or recovery phrase, import them to TomoWallet.

Hi, thank you. Do you mean my ledger private key or myetherwallet? I tried to connect and import it to my ledger but it didn’t seem to work.


You should import private key of MEW into TomoWallet. It might work and then you can proceed sending away or swapping.

Hope it helps.

Hello, thank you :slight_smile: do you know why I simply can’t just send the TOMO from MEW? Is it because they’re old TOMO coins before the switch?