Recover USDT sent to my Tomo Wallet

Dear Tomo Community,

I just want to share my experience with sending USDT to my Tomo Wallet instead of to the TomoBrige address. Somehow I got confused by the Tomo Wallet interface showing my USDT balance and I forgot I need to used TomoBridge Wrap/Unwarp function in the Tomo Wallet interface. I managed to recover my funds using this tutorial from Trust Wallet.

But I am not sure how secure is this method, if the mnemonic converter is not able to kidnap your Mnemonic phrase. So use it at your own risk.

Hi there, thanks for sharing your exp.

As my understanding, your USDT is erc20 so if you send USDT erc20 to TOMO wallet, it is no problem because TomoChain and ETH share a similar address format. You login mew or metamask and switch the network to ETH network to see your USDT balance and switch to TomoChain network to access TOMO balance.

And yes, this approach might be risky since you insert your mnemonic phrase into the 3rd party site. The Trustwallet gives you mnemonic phrase only so they show you how to get the private key to recover your wallet.