Help, MetaMask Issues

I purchased Tomo back in 2018 and have them stored on MetaMask. I want to swap them from ERC-20 to native Tomo, but when I use TomoBridge and select the first option, I successfully link my MetaMask but it says i have a balance of 0 TOMOE. Has anyone found a solution to this? MetaMask address on Etherscan is listed below for reference


The ERC-20 TOMO appearing on your wallet has been frozen since 2 years ago. And you received your TOMO on TomoChain mainnet at the same time.
So don’t worry about the ERC-20 TOMO on your wallet because it only shows how much ERC-20 TOMO you had 2 years ago, but it doesn’t mean anything now.
And it seems that you already transferred the TOMO to another address as soon as you received your TOMO on TomoChain 2 years ago.

So in that address, you don’t have any TOMO left.
Let me know if anything is not clear or if you have any further question.
Have a good day