HELP ! Late Swap (2020)

Hi everybody,

I require your help as i have some tomo in my Ledger wallet for years now.

Tomo are these one :

So ERC20.

I bought them 2 years ago. I never noticed that i should have swapped it.

Now i can’t do anything with these tokens… Anyone could help ? I would really appreciate.

Thank you all and have a good day.


If you held ERC20 TOMO before, then it’d have been automatically migrated to TOMO on TomoChain network. and you just need to log in to any wallet that supports TomoChain network (including Ledger), and you will be able to see your TOMO there.
If you still don’t find your TOMO there, very likely you’ve transferred it out before, you can send me your wallet address, and I’ll help you look it up.

Hope it helps. Cheers

Hello Justin,

Thank you for your answer. I tried everything to see my TOMO but couldn’t do anything about it…

So, they appear on my ERC20 adress : 0xae2515E5e704160BA41618E2b78c9652cbA13E85

Thank you for your help, i really appreciate :slight_smile:



All the ERC20 TOMO still appears on your wallet but that’s been frozen since 2 years ago. And you received your TOMO on TomoChain mainnet at the same time.
So don’t worry about the ERC20 TOMO on your wallet because it only shows how much ERC20 TOMO you had 2 years ago, but doesn’t mean anything now.
And it seems that you already transferred the TOMO to another address 3 months ago.
So in that address, you don’t have any TOMO left.

Let me know if anything is not clear or if you have any further questions.
Have a good day

Alright thanks man for your answer :slight_smile:

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