Forget to connect wallet to Luastarter for tDAO

I forgot to connect them to each other but steal have deposited in luasafe. But my tier is 0. any chance to fix this?

I was hope someone would at least said something.


I’m sorry that you forgot to connect your wallet and missed out on the IDO for tDAO.

We had several tweets mentioning about the registration requirement, and it’s also included in the tutorial. This is one of the key steps because we only want to count in people who would’ve checked out the IDO pool and showed interests by signing up, instead of automatically counting in all the LUA stakers out there. and now there is nothing we can really do because the process is decentralised. thank you for you kind understanding.

However, if you are still interested in grabbing some tDAO, we will have tDAO-TOMO pool listed in LuaSwap soon after the IDO. and we will have some more IDOs coming up shortly. so you can keep your LUA staked in LuaSafe if you are keen to join the next IDOs with us.


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