Convert TRC21 BTC to TRC20 BTC

Hi Team,

How can I convert TRC21 BTC to TRC20 BTC to my metamask wallet.
Also when BTC from spot wallet transferred to my main wallet.

Where will this BTC will be available.

Im able to view transaction but unable to view the BTC in my wallet


Hi Raj,

The TRC21 BTC token that you have is fake which has no use and value. You can’t find it in your wallet because the fake and unverified tokens are not automatically added in the wallet.

Hope this explains.


Thanks Justin, so how do I verify a valid TRC21 token. I suppose only WBTC are valid for TRC21 right?


There is no TRC21 WBTC. The real BTC is TRC20 WBTC on TomoChain.